Strategic Objectives

How do we achieve the big picture?
What are the smaller steps to the big picture?

Advocates for Charter Schools & School Choice In carrying out the goals of SNACS, board members support and make decisions to pursue specific strategic objectives. These objectives provide a working framework for effective and efficient efforts and resources toward a learning organization. Board Members strive to provide a collective series of work that includes:

  • Board Service with Longevity
  • Board Development
  • Increase Funding Sources
  • Financial Framework for Strong Foundation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Networking
  • Collaboration with other entities/stakeholders in education and the community
  • Partnerships with other entities/stakeholders in education and the community
  • Leverages Technology
  • National and Nevada Public Policy Forum
  • PD Opportunities
  • Provides Educational Opportunities
  • Support Higher Education
  • Support Research
  • Professional Learning Community onsite
  • PD Opportunities via conferences and workshops
  • Data & Research
  • Resource support
  • Family Engagement & Parent Involvement in Education
  • Community Engagement & Involvement
  • Growth of Members