Education Team

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Dr. Kimberly Regan

    Chief Executive Director

Mr. John 

    Dean of Students

Mr. Schoenfeldt

    Education Director


Admin Support

Katrin Snell-Diehl

    Executive Assistant & Registrar

Debi Baumann

    Education Assistant; Student Services Coordinator

 Cinnamon La Fever

    Middle School Student Services Support

Mrs. Lavezzo


Student Resource
(Special Education)

Mrs. Morgan

    Special Education Teacher

Mr. John

    Dean of Students

Physical Education

Mr. Regan

Preschool Teachers

Ms. Brenda

    Infant Toddler Teacher

Ms. Pam

    IT Director/ Preschool

Ms. Tiffany

    Toddler Threes


Ms. Kieffer

Ms. Castillo

First Grade

Mrs. Crampton

Mrs. Espinoza

Second Grade

Mrs. Spears

Mrs. Pacheco

Third Grade

Mr. Schum

Mr. Ingalls

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Weiss

Mr. S.

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Vazquez

    Math and Science

Teacher Assistant- Mrs. Spitzer

    English, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Sixth Grade

Mr. Buttacavoli

English, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Mr. Casale

Math and Science

Seventh / Eighth Grade

Mrs. Kay

    English, Language Arts, Writing and Social Studies

Mrs. Kirkwood

    Math, Financial Literacy

Mr. McCormick


Teacher Assistants

Mr. McCormick

Mr. Squailia

Mrs. Spears

Mrs. Spitzer

Communications Manager

Pierce Baker

    Videographer, Social Media, Podcaster, Newscaster, Storyteller