Education Team

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Hello!  Thank you for visiting our Educators’ Page!  Please click on the name of the person who’s classroom or department you would like to learn more about.  You will find class happenings, homework, updates and other important information on each page.

Leadership Team

Dr. Kimberly Regan

Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Victor Schoenfeldt

Chief Education Officer

Mr. John Mark Berthoumieux 

Dean of Students, Special Eduction Coordinator


Leadership Support

Mrs. Katrin Snell-Diehl

Executive Assistant & Registrar

Ms. Debi Baumann

Education Assistant; Student Services Coordinator; Nutrition Coordinator

 Mr. Kaelob Walker

            Student Services Support 

Mrs. Marcella Helmers

Nutrition Support


Preschool Teachers

Ms. Pamela Grupe

    Infant & Toddler Director/ Preschool Coordinator

Ms. Brenda Gregory

    Infant Toddler Teacher

Ms. Tiffany Hranac

    Toddler Threes Teacher

Mrs. Paola Zelada

Preschool Teacher


Kindergarten – Eighth Grade Teachers 

Mrs. Emma Hisken

Kindergarten Teacher 

Mrs. Kassandra Ingalls

Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Amy Verbeke

First Grade Teacher

Mr. Squailia

          First Grade Teacher

Mr. Mark Mokski

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sheena Pacheco

Second Grade Teacher

Ms. Coonrod

          Third Grade Teacher

Mr. Paul Schum     

Team Leader, Third Grade Teacher  

Mrs. Maxine Weiss

Fourth Grade Teacher, Team Leader

Ms. Kari Propeck

Fourth Grade Teacher 

Mr. Robert Ingalls

Fifth and Sixth Grade Team Leader, Math, Financial Literacy, and Technology

Mrs. Jennifer Lake 

Fifth and Sixth Grade English, Language Arts

Ms. Catha LaGere

           Fifth and Sixth Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Robin Barry

Seventh and Eighth Grade English, Language Arts

Ms. Jessica Estes

Seventh and Eighth Grade Math, Financial Literacy

Ms. Anne Elizabeth Northan

 Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

 Seventh and Eighth Grade Science and Engineering


Performing Arts

Ms. Lily Baran

Musical Theater Teacher/Performance Director


Physical Education

Ms. Jamie Perrigue

Physical Education and Health Teacher 

Mr. Kaelob Walker

Physical Education Support


Special Education and Student Resources

Mrs. Nancy Morgan

Special Education Teacher and Case Manager

Ms. Jamie Perrigue

Special Education Teacher and Case Manager


Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Suzanne Lavezzo 


Social Media Team

Mr. Pierce Baker

 Videographer, Podcast and Student News Producer, Social Media and Communication Assistant


Educare (before and after school program) 


Facilities and Maintenance 

Mr. Elias Cconas

Custodian and Maintenance Support


Human Resources

Zuly Echeverria

          Human Resources Coordinator

Cheryl Mintz

          Financial Coordinator

Jeremiah Estes

          Finance Assistant