Defeat the “I don’t care syndrome! – It’s free!

The SNACS Community is invited to participate in this FREE class on Motivating Students!

The SNACS small school community is partnering with thinkLaw to support our students critical thinking and problem solving abilities to think like a lawyer.  As a part of the collaboration, SNACS leaders, educators, parents, and caregivers are invited to join this free class to defeat the ‘I don’t care syndrome’ taught by thinkLaw’s founder, Colin Seale.   This is a great opportunity to learn how to increase motivation in our children at home and in school.  It’s online and its free, so register today!

Motivation Kickstarter Master Class

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 25 at 5pm pst
Summary: This webinar will kick off your journey to #DefeatIDontCareSyndrome! Join me, and you’ll learn:
1) How I went from a chronic underachiever in high school to a self-motivated leader
2) The 3 biggest myths about motivation and 1 important truth
3) What you can you do, immediately, to kickstart your efforts to #DefeatIDontCare Syndrome.

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