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Preschool Enrollment | Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School

Preschool Enrollment

img-tech-savvySierra Nevada Achievers for Community Services (Achievers) offers SNACS Preschool and Before/After Programs

SNACS Preschool is one of the programs Achievers provides.   Achievers is a private, non-profit 501 c3 corporation in Nevada partnering with Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School.  It is a community service agency that provides wrap-around education services to the SNACS community and beyond.  The preschool operated by Achievers is open from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm providing quality care for children and their families.

Services for children who are enrolled in the infant/toddler room (Miss Brenda) between 6 weeks and 36 months are able to attend the program between 7:15-5:00, unless special arrangements have been made in advance.  Additional costs may be incurred when special arrangements are made.

Other children ages 3 years old to students who are enrolled in kindergarten may attend between 6:30 am – 6:00 pm.  These hours are for family convenience.  However, it is not developmentally appropriate for children to attend all day.  The general guideline is a half-hour beyond a normal workday.  Children should not be left in a preschool or childcare setting for 12 hours a day.  They need time and support in the family setting.

The Preschool grant is for those children accepted and enrolled in the program.  This program is tailored to those students who are 4 years old by September 30 and meet federal income guidelines.  The program is offered between 8:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Students are expected to attend every day the program is offered between these hours unless they have an excused absence.  Families will need to provide appropriate documentation for absences.  Families may choose to enroll their children in the before or after the Preschool Grant program for child care needs.   Rates will apply for these services.

Services for students enrolled in Kindergarten-8th grade are available before and after school, on early dismissal days, and during scheduled breaks.   Rates will apply for these services.

The preschool is a licensed program accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Being accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children is the Gold Stamp of Approval on the program and practices.  SNACS Preschool Staff has worked to ensure all 400 criteria in 1o categories were implemented in the program. The 10 areas examined include Relationships, Curriculum, Teaching, Assessments, Health, Teachers, Families, Community, Environment, and Leadership.  Becoming accredited through NAEYC is one of the first formal steps in establishing a framework for a P-3 system with the partnering Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School.  The SNACS Preschool Staff will be recognized for their achievement at the local Reno Association for the Education of Young Children on December 1st.  The achievement shows commitment to educating young children in developmentally appropriate practice.  Children at SNACS Preschool are learning through play and loving it!  SNACS Preschool staff members are doing what is right for young children.  Help us celebrate young children and those who love working with young children!  Congratulations SNACS Preschool! NAEYC Accreditation Certificate


Achievers awarded Nevada Ready Preschool Development Program Grant

Achievers was awarded the Nevada Ready Preschool Development Program Grant, a federally and state-funded high-quality preschool grant opportunity.  The grant provided funding for preschool children to attend a free 5 hour per day preschool program that will run in conjunction with the traditional school year.  Achievers was chosen by the Nevada Public Charter School Authority (NPCSA) as one of two charter school sites in the state and the only Northern Nevada charter site to offer the program.  Since the inception of the program, SNACS has participated. However, in the 2019-20 school year, SNACS was transitioned to offer the program as part of WCSD instead of SPCSA due to organizational changes at the state level.

Achievers continue to provide tuition-based full-day preschool and an extended-day program for those families enrolled in the Nevada Ready Program.  SNACS Preschool accepts Children’s Cabinet and other subsidy programs.  Both programs will run simultaneously to ensure access to high-quality programs for all children. Children in the program will be eligible to attend Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School for kindergarten.  The program faculty will be working toward being rated in the Nevada Quality Rating and Improvement System.   The program will include access to high-quality instruction that includes field trips and parent engagement opportunities.  The program currently offered 40 the next year.  Planning efforts are underway to design the environment, schedule, and curriculum maps for the year.


Now accepting enrollment applications for the 2020-21 school year

We are accepting enrollment applications to fill two classrooms with up to 40 preschool grant spots.  However, the federal grant is over and we are waiting on the legislature to approve the state preschool program and for the Nevada Department of Education to approve site applications to continue the program. Enrollment, one confirmed funding, will be on a first-come/first serve basis for students with complete applications on file including all application materials including surveys, forms, and verification documentation.  Do not wait if you are interested in the program, get your application in ASAP!

More information can be found at Achievers by contacting Miss Lisa Galvin.   Enrollment  in the program will be based on income for families earning less than 200% above the poverty level.  Please use the following table to determine income eligibility and download the link below for complete guidelines.

19-20 Income Guidelines

Household Size – $










 1 –               $12,140 $15,175  $18,210  $21,245  $24,280
 2 –              $16,460  $20,575  $24,690  $28,805  $32,920
 3 –              $20,780  $25,975  $31,170  $36,365  $41,560
 4 –              $25,100  $31,375  $37,650  $43,925  $50,200
 5 –              $29,420  $36,775  $44,130  $51,485  $58,840
 6 –              $33,740  $42,175  $50,160  $59,045  $67,480
 7 –              $38,060  $47,575  $57,090  $66,605  $76,120
 8 –              $42,380  $52,975  $63,570  $74,165  $84,760


Preschool Development Block Grant Program Enrollment Information

Please click to download the Nevada Ready Preschool Development application.  Copies of birth certificate, immunization records, well-child check (from a pediatrician), parent/guardian’s valid id, proof of residence, and income verification is required.  All enrollment is based on a lottery system during open enrollment and then on a first-come first-serve basis based on the date and time a complete application is received by Miss Katrin in the front office of the charter school.

Nevada Ready Preschool Development Program Application for 2018-2019 Click the links below and complete all paper work and return with copies of documents (see above).

2019-2020 NV Ready Preschool Grant Application


Eligibility Requirements under the Preschool Development Block Grant Program

Eligible families must provide documentation at or below the 200% poverty threshold based on their household/family size based on the Annual 2018 Income Guidelines for the 48 Continental United States.

2019 Income Guidelines

2020 Income Guidelines

Quick Points About SNACS Preschool

  • NAEYC Accredited!
  • Nurturing learning environment.
  • Learning through creative play.
  • Print-rich environment promoting literacy development.
  • Developmentally appropriate hands-on experiences.
  • Fosters kindergarten readiness.
  • Trained teachers and assistants.
  • Students in preschool can transition to the SNACS kindergarten program and attend the same school through 8th grade.
  • Follows the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) guidelines.

There are some quick links to help you learn more about our program:

Family Involvement Brochure

Community Resources Brochure

Curriculum and Assessment

Leadership Policy Brochure

Meal Time Protocol

School Readiness Program

Sponsors, Partners, and Resources Supporting School Community

Strategic Plan

Supervision Policy

Transitions and a P-3 Continuum of Services Plan

Preschool Readiness Brochure

Supervision Policy Brochure

Transitions and a P-3 Continuum of Services Plan

SNACS Preschool Program Handbook

SNACS Preschool Enrollment Packet


Why Play?

Young children learn and develop their understanding of the world through play. It is crucial to the development of the whole child. Young children learn and develop a multitude of skills through play in the areas of: literacy and language development; mathematical logical and scientific thinking; social and emotional relationships; music; art studio; theatrical arts; the natural world; health; and in physical fitness.

SNACS Preschool curriculum is designed to provide developmentally appropriate activities in which young children learn. Using the Reggio Emilia approach, children explore their “hundred languages” through making choices. As a result, children learn necessary academic skills as well as independence, and develop social skills.

Children explore different centers that are designed based on standards. Each center is designed to provide children with specific learning skills through play experiences. For example, in housekeeping center, young children learning social and language skills while gaining independence. They also learn mathematical logical skill when they sort and categorize dishes, food, dolls, and other materials found in the housekeeping center. These skills provide a foundation for success that will last throughout their educational career.

Teachers are trained in the importance of each center and what skills children are learning. They are trained in how (and when) to engage with children in play to enhance their learning. They ask questions that promote higher order thinking and prompt children to make connections between what they have already learned and what they are experiencing.

The SNACS Preschool Team works together, with parents as our partners, to provide young children with a positive school experience in a warm and supportive environment that incorporates the whole child. Our goals for all children attending SNACS preschool is to foster and develop a love of learning, an awareness and knowledge of the world in which they live, and to help them to make decisions about their relationships in the world.


SNACS Preschool is Accredited through NAEYC

The SNACS Preschool team is trained in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) program standards. Under the guidance of Executive Director, Kimberly Regan Schoenfeldt, who holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. NAEYC is a national organization that promotes excellence in early childhood education programs. They serve as a resource to early childhood educators and advocates in the field of early childhood. The SNACS Preschool Team is working towards accreditation through this esteemed association. The accreditation is like the gold seal of approval for preschools across the nation. SNACS Preschool program establishes a solid foundation for successful transition into the primary grades. Visit the National Association for the Education of Young Children


SNACS Preschool is a licensed program

SNACS Preschool is a licensed program through Washoe County Social Services.  Washoe County Social Services provides support and monitoring to ensure all regulations are followed.  The WCSS Regulations can be found by clicking the link below:

Washoe County Regulations for Child Care Facilities