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Live it up!

Have you heard of Tony Robbins? He is one of my favorite inspirational people to learn from. As the new year begins, I thought I would share Tony’s Pyramid of Mastery. Best-selling author and entrepreneur for more than four decades, more than 50 million people have gained insight into being their best selves with Tony’s motivating words and energetic-jump-around-the-room dancing, clapping, and singing. The sky’s the limit. The world is your oyster. Let’s go! Just do it!  You get the picture.


His pyramid is the key to finding success and happiness across all walks of life.

Here are the parts of the pyramid:                                                         

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Emotional Mastery
  3. Love and Relationships
  4. Career and Business
  5. Money and Finances
  6. Productivity and Performance
  7. Personal Growth
  8. Contribution


Health and Fitness

Eat to live, don’t live to eat! (That one never gets old!) Shoot for a well-balanced diet, reduce processed fats, and eat more fruits and vegetables in 2021. Whether you are 8 or 80, move your body at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day. Run, walk, dance, do yoga, play tag. Make it a fun family challenge to keep moving. Make sure to get enough sleep and be consistent with it. Twelve hours one night, followed by six hours the next is not the way to sleep. Aim for eight hours a night. If you feel sluggish, take a 15-minute power nap during the day to improve focus and energy. Tony Robbins recommends that you take 10 deep breaths before going to bed and another 10 breaths first thing in the am. (I have been doing this and I fall asleep faster at night and feel more energized during the day.)


Emotional Mastery

What makes you truly happy? Do you know? Think about it. Write your responses. Is it a quiet life in the country, a busy life in the city? An annual trip to the ocean?

And what about your emotions? Are you spending time being miserable, frustrated, angry, or disappointed because of missed opportunities? We all know that life is too short for that.  Yes, feel all the feelings that life has to offer, but make sure to regulate your emotions, and rid yourself of jealousy and resentment. Place those negative feelings in a locked drawer. Spend some time every day laughing, being happy, and present in the moment. I like to keep a family photo album by my bedside I like to look at it whenever I feel sad. Also, I like to keep a few of my favorite children’s books on hand. Nothing says silly like a Dr. Seuss book. Nothing makes me laugh out loud more than Maurice Sendak’s, Where the Wild Things Are.


Love and Relationships

Love is all you need, right?  We all need love and connection. That is one of the reasons why this year has been so hard on all of us. We have had to distance ourselves from many of the people that we love. Make time for the people in your life, even if you still cannot see them.  Be a good listener, express gratitude, and show kindness. Take walks with people in your family. Sing and dance. Celebrate the good times. Included in this, is your connection to your pet. The relationship you have with your dog, cat, pig, turtle is a two-way street.  They love you and you love them. Show them that love with a daily belly rub. It feels so good to love and be loved.


Career and Business

Are you happy in your work life? Education? Do you want more?  Get ready to step up and polish your skills, branch out, and set some career goals. Try to avoid becoming stagnant. In these uncertain times, you may want to consider wearing a few hats.  Build your people skills, sharpen your digital skills, or just read more. Widen your knowledge base.


Money and Finances

Everything costs a lot—your house, food, clothes, education, even your coffee or cocoa! Money is just a tool. And it’s never too early to take responsibility to earn and save money. Be sure to keep it in perspective. Invest in yourself. Treat yourself well but understand that money doesn’t buy happiness. Build a nest egg or a rainy-day account, even if there is very little money in it.


Productivity and Performance

Have you heard the phrase “Manage your time or it will manage you.”? This universal truth is foundational to all other areas of our lives. Manage your time well, and you manage your life well. Use a planner and schedule your time out. What gets planned for gets done. If it’s important schedule time for it.  There have been days where I have even scheduled out my meals, calls with friends, a run or yoga practice to ensure I get it all done. Be wary to avoid a crazy-busy schedule. Be productive, but make time for family and friends. Hike, do puzzles, look at photos, binge on Netflix. Enjoy it all.


Personal Growth

Keep growing, learning, adapting, changing, evolving, and moving.  Establish goals across each of these pillars by the year and back-map it to quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Know your priorities. Write the top three priorities down each day and check back at the end of the day to ensure you spent your time according to your priorities. Make smart choices that align with your priorities. Keep your focus, keep your eyes on the prize. And be kind to yourself. Even the best-laid plans, priorities, and goals shift based on daily happenings you can’t control. Adjust and revisit as necessary. As time passes, review your priorities and accomplishments – see how much you have grown! Celebrate and keep going!



When we grow and learn and challenge ourselves, we have something to share, something to pass on to someone else.  And what is more important than that? Tony Robbins says, “Life is not about me, it’s about us.” Make someone happy, and you will be happy. Just be sure that it comes from your heart, and that it is genuine, not just financial help. Give your time to others. If you can master this, your life will have meaning.


Remember, everyone deserves to live an exciting life. So, get moving, planning, learning, loving. Live it up!


Wishing you happiness in 2021!

Dr. Regan