Meet Vanilla and Sugar, SNACS Newest Family Members

When Ms. Barry’s class began, they probably didn’t expect to have pet mice in their classroom. 

Yet, Ms. Barry, new Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School teacher, presented a challenge to her students they just couldn’t ignore. 

Figure out a plan of action, raise enough money and choose which pet you want to have. The students in charge of this challenge were separated into two groups: Fundraising Committee and the Pet Committee.

The Pet committee, Nicholas Hammone, Tristan Jones, Richard Ignacio and Chace Booth, needed to choose a pet feasible within a classroom but also one they truly enjoy.

They chose mice. Wait. Really?

“We researched and found out mice are actually great pets to have. They’re friendly, smart and easy to care for,” seventh grader Anna Sluis-Moreno said.

The next step was figuring out the budget. They needed supplies, food and a home for their new furry friends. With every expense included, the students needed to raise approximately $70.

Every morning, the Fundraising committee, Jacobi-Regan Schoenfeldt, Charisma Shipley, Anna, Abigail Moreno, in Ms. Barry’s class sold hot chocolate before school. 

They raised over $100 in one week. And students in Ms. Barry’s class still sell hot chocolate every day. 

“I wanted to empower the students by seeing a challenge and coordinating with each other to complete it. Choice within the classroom requires a higher level of thinking from children. I’m proud they now see the results from their hard work,” Ms. Barry said.

Students in Ms. Barry’s class plan to save money for future class field trips coordinated by the students with future fundraising ideas.

Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School encourages students to use choice within the classroom everyday. To learn more about our school, please contact the front office at 775-677-4500.