Welcoming All Families

We value families as their child’s first teacher, bringing a wealth of information, which supports the whole child approach in education.

We welcome and encourage families, regardless of family structure; socioeconomic status, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds; gender; abilities; or the preferred language to take part in their child’s education as a valued and integral member of the school community.

Family support and participation are vital to every child’s success in all aspects of life.

Communicating Effectively

We encourage parents and families to engage in meaningful two-way communication with educators, as partners, to enhance student learning through activities, policies, practices, and programs.

Supporting Student Success

Parents are partners in their child’s education and work collaboratively to support student learning and a small school community. Parents actively take part in developing personal learning plans that drive their child’s education.

Speaking up for Every Child

Every child has the right to an education that is full of rich opportunities to learn and advance in a global society. Effective parent-school partnerships foster a safe school community with access to multi-tiered support systems necessary to increase student achievement regardless of family structure, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religious, and cultural backgrounds. SNACS faculty members provide help and support to families to ensure equal access to resources and services deemed necessary for students to learn.

SNACS faculty members provide technical assistance and empower families to navigate complex systems (Infinite Campus grades and attendance, curriculum, etc.).

Sharing the Power

Parents and students have a voice and a choice in their child’s education. We appreciate parents choosing Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School and being an active voice in all aspects of their child’s education. Your contributions are priceless!

SNACS faculty identify and connect with families from diverse cultural backgrounds and provide pathways to family engagement.

Collaborating with Community

We support students and their families in a P-8 system that will cause a sense of community, belonging, and increased student achievement.

SNACS faculty is knowledgeable about resources and services, makes referrals to programs, and plans activities that provide expanded learning opportunities in the school, district, and community.


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