Letter to SNACS Community

Dear SNACS Community Members;

In a time when there are serious economic challenges for our nation, I am grateful to be part of a movement that brings innovation and dedication in education to the forefront of American society. The charter school movement, as we know it today, officially began more than 20 years ago in Minnesota when the first charter school law was passed. At the heart of the charter school law is the American spirit in pioneering innovation for public education. Charter schools are one of the fastest growing innovations in education policy, enjoying broad bipartisan support from governors, state legislators, and past and present secretaries of education. At SNACS, we pioneer to reach one primary charter school goals in striving to address a primary federal and state level goal: provide an innovative education.

Our sponsor, the Washoe County School District, provides oversight and technical assistance in meeting these six goals. We are fortunate to work with WCSD Superintendent Pedro Martinez, WCSD Options Zone Area Superintendent Byron Green, and WCSD Charter School Liaison Michael Doering. Their leadership and support is crucial to an effective charter school community as integral component in the Washoe County School District offering school choice.

Our board governs to ensure we continually move forward toward these six goals through their governance through four broad areas: board and organizational oversight, policy oversight, contract oversight, and financial oversight. SNACS Board Members provide insight and perspective to often complex issues and help us to maintain a forward direction as we continually evolve to meet the SNACS mission:

To be leading choice in public education, in which educators, parents, and students are partners in fostering a small school community and exemplary academic and social achievement, in a cost effective way.

Our administration team works to ensure we translate the overarching goals and mission into an organizational structure through the daily operation of the charter school. This includes establishing a framework for teachers and students to be successful in a high stakes accountability-driven nation. We strive to work with all stakeholders and to ensure teachers embrace our commitment in which every student has an individualized experience that is unique, memorable, and fosters a love of learning. Thank you for carrying the spirit of the charter school torch.

SNACS teachers and assistants make a commitment to our school, students, and themselves to ensure they are mindful of their actions to make every experience they provide accountable to the high stakes standards established throughout our nation. SNACS teachers and assistants help plan and participate in activities that are crucial to our small school community such as: ELOB Living History Days, B & N Author Signing, Science Fair, Invention Convention, Math Game Night, Harvest Festival & Spring Fling, Fun Run & Field Days, Talent Shows, School Dances, and Movie Nights. SNACS teachers and assistants are thanked for their dedication to provide every student with exemplary and differentiated opportunities for success.

We strive to ensure every family that is a part of our school community feels welcomed and appreciated as partners in their child’s education. At SNACS, families work in the spirit of the school to make a difference in the lives of all of our children. Families serve the school community through varied opportunities from serving as a leader on the school board, to painting murals, to sponsoring events, to helping in the classroom. We are grateful to all of our family volunteers and want to ensure volunteerism is a pleasurable experience for everyone. Parents are our students’ first teachers and are thanked for choosing SNACS. We base our family engagement philosophy based on the notion that family engagement is key to student achievement. Our family-school partnership is the framework to providing students with every opportunity to succeed. There are six driving principles that support family engagement:

  • Welcoming all families into the School Community
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Supporting Student Success
  • Speaking up for Every Child
  • Sharing Power
  • Collaborating with Community

These six principles lead to school wide practices that support our students and their families. SNACS students are at the heart of our school. Through our family-school partnership, students have the foundation to work hard to meet goals and expectations as outlined through the school, district, state, and national accountability efforts. More than that, SNACS’ students provide an opportunity for us to view the world of education as an exciting platform where anything is possible. Thank you students for giving us hope for the future of our world!

As you read the following pages, you should be reminded of a few simple ideas… a small school community flourishes when its members are excited and passionate about the premise of what we are doing – educating children and changing the world, one student at a time. We envision a school where people work together to help children succeed today and become the leaders of tomorrow.

With heartfelt gratitude thank you SNACS School Community!  We are the change we wish to see in the community!



Dr. Kimberly Regan
Executive Director & Founding Member of SNACS