Mrs. Robin Barry- 7th and 8th grade ELA


Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts

My name is Mrs. Robin Barry and I am extremely excited to join the SNACS team! There are so many reasons why I already feel connected and am eager to work with your students at this amazing school. One, I love working within small school communities,  because I am able to connect with students at a deeper, more personal level. And two, the choice and centers based education, gives all students the opportunity to grow, no matter where they are academically. Three, the diverse curriculum offered throughout the school also helps students find and explore their interests and passions, connect with their peers, while at the same time, they are learning the mandated state standards.My recent work history: For a little over ten years, I taught seventh and eighth (and for a few years ninth) grade English Language Arts at High Desert Montessori Charter School. Before that, I taught high school ELA at Rainshadow Community Charter School. 

My education history : I received my Associate of Arts from Feather River College in Quincy, my Bachelor of Arts, with a focus on English, from Sierra Nevada College in Incline, and my Master of Education, with a focus on curriculum and instruction, from the University of Nevada, Reno. I also had the opportunity of attending the AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies in Huntsburg, Ohio, which gave me additional insight into the development of the adolescent.


Supplies List

  • College Ruled Lined Paper
  • Ticonderoga #2 Pencil packs
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Expo Markers (light colors) 
  • Kleenex
  • Highlighters
  • Sharpies
  • Poster Boards

All students must come prepared with:

  • Four lined composition notebook
  • Preferred Writing Utensils (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.)
  • Homework Folder

Week of September 16th

This week’s objectives:

The students will continue reading, analyzing, and identifying figurative language in Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game.” The classes will also create maps to show their understanding of setting and plot within the story.

Weekly Must Do’s:

  • Daily Journal (minimum 1/2 page)
  • Reading Log (120 minutes)
  • Current Event #3
  • Ship-Trap-Island Map
  • Plot Line Sheet for the story “Most Dangerous Game”

Week of September 9th

This week’s objectives:

This week, we will begin a new unit “What Makes for an Interesting Story?” The classes will discuss elements of a short story, literary techniques, and figurative language. The students will work collaboratively to analyze a variety of children’s literature and share with the class their findings. The classes will also read and analyze Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game.”

Weekly Must Do’s:

  • Daily Journal (minimum 1/2 page)
  • Reading Log (120 minutes)
  • Current Event #2
  • Plot Line Sheet
  • Figurative Language Examples


Week of September 2nd

This week’s objectives:

This week, we will continue with our unit “All about me.” The students have read examples of incident autobiographies and chronological autobiographies, and now they will create their own. Last week, the students began brainstorming for their narratives or essays and began the beginning stages of the writing process. The students will finish up their first drafts, peer edit one another’s work, and create final drafts throughout the week.

This week, we will also go over the process of reading the news and writing current events. 

Weekly Must Do’s:

  • Daily Journal (minimum 1/2 page)
  • Current Event
  • Final Draft Autobiography/ Incident Autobiography

Week of August 26th

This week’s objectives: 

“All about me”- At the beginning of the week, the students will be creating mini-posters that represent their personal characteristics. Toward the end of the week, the students will begin working on autobiographies; after reading a few examples, the students will begin writing their own personal autobiographical written pieces.

Last week’s homework:

  • Parent/ guardian signature for:
    • Class Syllabus
    • Welcome Letter (7a)
    • Chromebook Use Agreement
  • Complete work not finished during class time
  • Minimum of thirty minutes AR (Accelerated Reader) reading per night- 120 minutes per week


**Author’s Debut – Work on drafting your first book toward publishing


Week of August 19th

Last week’s objectives: 

“Connecting with the community” -Throughout the week, the classes will be taking the time to get to know one another, create class and community expectations, go over class syllabi, discuss and create choice board activities, choose AR books, write letters to Mrs. Barry, and conduct peer interviews and introductions.


English Language Arts Choice Board Options

Must Do’s 

  • Daily Journal
  • Weekly Current Event
  • Edit Center

Can Do’s (Will begin after autobiographies are complete)

  • Pearson Literature Textbook assignment  -Sidebars Questions & Critical Thinking
  • SBAC Practice/ Test Question Creator
  • Published Book – drafting, editing
  • Student Newspaper
  • Student Literary Art Magazine
  • Student Script Writing 
  • Literature – Picture Response/ Story Board
  • Informational Text 
  • Language – Word of the Day
  • Crossword Puzzles Creation/ Completion
  • Technology – Smart Board – Specific ELA Games
  • Computer – Published Book- first draft due December
  • Figurative Language & Elements of Literature 
  • IPad – Scrabble/ Duolingo
  • Reading/ Vocabulary/ Writing Bingo
  • Mad Libs Creation/ Completion
  • AR Reading
  • Project Research/ Creations

*Students will be creating other options throughout the quarter


Family Volunteer Needs

We are always in need of family volunteers to support our classroom.  Please consider volunteering or donating in the following ways:

  • Classroom helper (organizing, sorting, copying, etc.)
  • Recess support (extra eyes are always helpful!)
  • Breakfast and lunch support (extra eyes, helping hands, and class clean-up support are helpful!)
  • Editing class books (must have experience)
  • Student Newspaper support (must have experience)
  • Student Literary Arts magazine support (must have experience)
  • Book acquisition (Grass Roots books has free books for teachers – help us get AR-based books for our class)
  • Fundraising Coordinator (support our class and school)
  • Travel Support (help plan and organize learning expeditions for students)
  • Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Days support (Farm and Ranch, SNACSgiving, Author’s Debut, Field Day, etc.)
  • Special Events support (Harvest festival, spring fling, pancake breakfasts, etc.)
  • Guest speak/present in an area of your expertise (let us know your niche!)
  • Solicit donations (calling/visiting local business seeking donations that support our class needs/events)