SNACS Videos

  • SNACS pre k v3

  • SNACS HS v2

  • SNACS Early Learning introduction

  • DOD SNACS Sponsor 30

  • SNACS Personalized Learning final v4

  • History of SNACS

  • SNACS 30

  • SNACS Field Day 2018

    Interested to see what we do at Field Day every year? Check out highlights of Field Day 2018 here! #SmallSchoolCommunity ‚Äč
  • SNACS Fun Run 2018

    On Friday, June 1, SNACS students participated in the annual "Fun Run." Each lap from every child was essential in raising money for the school. Also, see how students promoted Earth Day by making environmentally-friendly projects leading up to the event. #PersonalizedLearning