Six Habits for Success while Learning and Working from Home

Six Habits for Success while Learning and Working from Home


  1. Make your morning fabulous!

You don’t have to be a morning person to have an amazing morning. Give yourself at least an hour before the school day starts to hang out with family, do yoga, help with daily chores. Find daily rituals to keep you focused and well.  How about some time with a friend? A daily walk? A fruit smoothie? A quick read?  Your morning routine will help you prepare for your school day and will help you start your day with a sense of purpose.

  1. Create an awesome workspace!

Whether you are in school or in your bedroom, at your dining-room table, or in a corner in your basement, it is important to have a workspace that reflects your personality. Keep the space nice and tidy. Check that it has good lighting. Try to sit by a window for the natural light, but if you find that the view is distracting, pull down the shade.  Now, think of five objects that will help you decorate and personalize your space. How about:

  • your name in bold letters
  • a vase filled with fresh flowers
  • a favorite piece of your artwork or a paperweight
  • a photo of you and your best buds
  • a water bottle with fresh water
  • a magic rock
  • a lucky charm
  • a sports team logo
  • a music group poster
  • a superhero for your wall

You get the idea.  Making a custom-made workspace means you have invested in your learning. It says education is important to you.

  1. Stick to a schedule!

Balance school and life with a calendar. Mark when assignments are due and check your calendar every day. Check off completed assignments. Try to plan your day, including various school assignments and fun activities. Although it can seem tedious, having a plan makes life feel balanced. Also, keeping a calendar and a schedule will help you learn to manage your time.

  1. Bring on the fun!

Achieving balance while going to school can be challenging. Make sure you have some fun every single day. If you have just finished a difficult homework assignment, spend a few minutes playing basketball or reading a joke book. Always give yourself time to laugh, smile, and unwind after a difficult class or homework assignment. If getting together with a friend is not possible, blast music and dance around.

  1. Talk the positive talk!

Many of us are already familiar with self-talk. It is when we give ourselves valuable positive messages to strengthen our resolve.  Let’s say you have a test and you need to study but you are feeling overwhelmed and tired. First, remind yourself that you are strong, smart, and capable. Then make a deal with yourself: After I study for an hour, I will enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Whenever something does not go your way, and in 2020 that happened a lot, spend a few minutes talking to yourself about how capable you really are. “I can do this. I am strong and smart. I have a lot of creative ideas. I work well in a group.”  Too often, people spend their time being too critical of themselves. Not you!

  1. Get fresh air and exercise!

Get outside, even if it is cold or rainy. This could mean meeting a friend for a brisk walk. It could mean walking the dog or your neighbor’s door. It could mean taking deep, calming breaths on your front porch. Being active and outside improves your mental and physical health.

Lastly, please know that everything will improve in the not-so-distant future, and you will all be stronger for this!