SNACS Announces Partnership with Sierra ARTs Foundation


Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School (SNACS) will partner with Sierra ARTs Foundation to offer music and art studio beginning January 2019.

Sierra Arts’ 1.2.1. Music Program, is an arm of the Arts In Education program, which provides professional in-school private music lessons in guitar, piano and string instruments for students.




This program benefits all involved:

Students are offered the opportunity to add private music education to their academic schedule. Private music lessons help students become more engaged than classroom music instruction and students are much more inclined to continue studying music throughout their school years … and beyond. Their minds are opened, their self-esteem is increased and they are equipped with a valuable stress relieving tool. And our teaching musicians inspire the children -they teach them to love and appreciate music, thus adding value to their lives.

Parents love the benefit of private music lessons without the usual and these days costly inconvenience of scheduling and transportation. Parents can conveniently register and pay for lessons directly through Sierra Arts on a monthly basis through standard mail or through our secure online payment service and most importantly, they have peace of mind knowing that their children are taking lessons in a safe place.

SNACS receives income as Sierra Arts pays a per-lesson fee to the school for use of the space. The revenue will be used to provide basic music instruction across grade levels for all students. Additionally, students who study and engage in learning music increases academic abilities across subjects and modalities including, but not limited too, mathematical thinking, analytics, language development, and social-emotional learning.

Sierra Arts benefits through the opportunity to continue to carry out our mission by providing opportunities for artists & musicians of all ages in our community.

To learn more about the program and to sign up for classes beginning in January, please click the link: Sierra Arts letter to parents


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