SNACS congrats eighth graders on the next step in their journey

We have FANTASTIC news SNACS families! We WILL be having Eighth Grade Celebration this year! We’re extremely excited to ensure our students feel proud even during unprecedented times. Please note below the following measures we MUST take according to the CDC.

Teachers and staff are going to stand 6 feet apart, call their name as you drive up, and hand out their certificate of completion and small gift to each eighth grader as they stay in their car.

Location: Fox Parking Lot
Day: Friday June 5
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

How to participate:
(1) Get in line at the Fox campus drop-off/pick-up area and stay in your car, be sure to keep a safe distance from other cars to avoid any accidents.
(2) When it is your turn to drive-thru, as you come up the teachers will announce your name and hand you your certificate and a small gift.
(3) After you get your certificate and gift you can leave or park the car somewhere and stay in the car to celebrate/honk your horn/clap for other students as their name is called and they receive their card.
(4) Once we have handed out a certificate to each student the celebration will be over and everyone will safely return home to begin their summer!
*Please note the following CDC Regulations in order to attend:
(1) MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR AT ALL TIMES. No group photos, hugs, or gatherings allowed.

(2) Wear a mask if possible. All teachers and staff will be wearing a mask.

*Student must pass all their classes and student fees paid in order to receive a certificate of completion. Teachers are handing out cards and a gift as well. Please contact Mr. Schoenfeldt or Miss Katrin for any questions regarding this.

We appreciate your understanding for the late notice and we really look forward to celebrating each student in an appropriate and safe way for all that they have accomplished!