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Education Director

Dean of Students

Student Resource (Special Education) /
Physical Education (Fifth to Eighth Grade)

Preschool Teachers

Miss BrendaInfant Toddler Teacher
Miss LisaPreschool (3-4 years)
Miss PamIT Director/Preschool (3-4 years)

Kindergarten Team
Ms. Cahill
Mr. Ingalls
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First Grade

Second Grade

First / Second Grade

Third Grade

Third / Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth / Sixth Grade

Mr. ButtacavoliEnglish, Language Arts, Writing, and Social Studies
Mrs. WeissScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Seventh / Eight Grade

Mrs. KayEnglish, Language Arts, Writing, and Social Studies
Mrs. KirkwoodScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Music & Theater

The Visual Arts




Progressive Discipline Policy of SNACS 2015-2016 6.2.14