Mr. Schoenfeldt

Hello SNACS Families!


Who am I?

I am Victor Schoenfeldt, the Education Director for Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School. I am proud to be a part of the SNACS team going on for thirteen years.

My educational experience began with obtaining my Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Professional Golf Management. After graduating I moved to Savannah, Georgia where I served as a golf professional for multiple years. I relocated back to the west coast and became a licensed contractor where I opened a business as a sole proprietorship. The main focus of my career was high-end finish work, consisting of custom cabinetry and trim work. Although the field was rewarding, I wanted to help those in need, especially children. I received my Master’s degree from Gonzaga University in Initial Teaching, which is located in Spokane, Washington. From there, I took my first teaching job in Phoenix, Arizona. My teaching experience lasted four years before I returned to Reno, where I first taught at SNACS as a 5th / 6th grade teacher in 2005. I completed my administration credential from the University of Nevada, Reno UNR Logo Imagein 2007.

Aside from being a Bay Area sports fan, I love to spend time with my family. They are my joy! My favorite pass times are teaching my little kids to swim, playing golf, working on various home projects, cooking, watching movies, being outside, gardening, reading, physical activities, and being near the water.



  • 10.30.17  25%  AR Goal Due
  • 10.31.17  Halloween / Dress Up Parade for younger grades 1:30pm
  • 11.7.17  No School – Election Day
  • 11.9.17  Early Release – Professional Development
  • 11.10.17  No School – Veteran’s Day
  • 11.15.17  50%  AR Goal Due
  • 11.22.17 – 11.24.17  No School:  Thanksgiving Break
  • 12.5.17  75%  AR Goal Due
  • 12.15.17  100%  AR Goal Due

Homework Procrastinator Image Homework at SNACS:

Homework shall be part of all students’ learning. The purpose of homework is to reinforce, enrich, and/or extend concepts that have been taught in the classroom. Homework will be regularly assigned. This regularly assigned homework will be appropriate to grade level, subject area, and ability. The general rule regarding homework is 10 minutes of homework per grade level. The cooperation and support of students, parents, teachers and administrators is necessary for this policy to be effective.

Students are expected to turn in homework daily. As middle school prepares students for the rigorous expectations in high school, the middle school teachers and administration has worked to develop a protocol for the middle school in regards to homework.

All students enrolled at SNACS have a homework component of their academic curriculum. Homework is to be completed after regular school hours. SNACS believes homework is an important aspect of any student’s career. Homework should be an extension of the school work provided during school hours ans should reflect what has been discussed in class. Students are expected to complete their homework by the determined due date.

Grading Image Grading Policies at SNACS:

Grades are a vital component of a student’s education. It provides feedback on a student’s performance, holds accountability, allows for student’s to receive feedback on their academic performance, and creates a motivation for excelling. At SNACS, our grading policy is as follows:


Students in grades K-2 will earn the following grades for their work:

S+ – Satisfactory

S – Satisfactory

S- – Satisfactory

I – Improvement Needed


Students in grades 3-8 will earn the following grades for their work:

A+ – 95 – 100%

A – 90 – 94%

B+ – 85 – 89%

B – 80 – 84%

C+ – 75 – 79%

C – 70 – 74%

D+ – 65 – 69%

D – 60 – 64%

F – 59% and below


Attendance Image Attendance Information:

Recognizing that being a student at SNACS is a choice made by parents and students, and recognizing that attendance is vital to each of SNACS students’ ability to achieve academic growth at their fullest potential, the following attendance policy is set forth.

SNACS Board of Governance has established a policy requiring students to be in attendance at least 90% for promotion to the next grade or earning credit. That means that a student must be present at least 163 of the 180 school days.

All students must be in their seat when the final bell rings. If you arrive late in the morning, you must check in with the office before reporting to class. Students who are tardy to school will have consequences. Students who are continually late to school may be suspended and/or expelled from school. It is crucial that your child report to school on time. If you or your child has shown difficulty arriving to school on time, there may be need of a consultation with administration to determine an action plan so the child is on school on time.

rules image SNACS School Rules:

SNACS provides students with an educational program that centers around positive incentives, individual recognition, group awareness, classroom celebrations, and school-wide models of excellence. This program holds all students enrolled to work towards attainable goals which are recognized in the aspect of: the individual learner, the group, the class, and all students school-wide. Each classroom has set guidelines for positive expectations and rewards / incentives. Further, all classroom utilize a consistent program for all students. One practice is the use of the Rattler Ruby program. Students receive Rattler Rubies and are able to purchase items in the student store (Rattler Shack). All staff members disperse Rubies throughout all grades.

Parents, teachers and students actively participated in the development of the school-wide discipline policy and procedures, which have been reported by the Washoe County School District as “progressive.” One of the most important lessons for any student to learn is to respect authority, respect the rights of others and take care of his/her own and other’s property. Additionally, no student will be allowed to disrupt the education of other students. Although it is necessary to have school and classroom rules, our emphasis will not be on the do’s and don’ts, but on guiding the student to a problem solving approach to apply in any given situation. In order to accomplish this, we must set discipline standards that are enforced fairly and consistently.

The classroom teacher is responsible for consulting with the Executive and Education Directors for intervention strategies to implement on an individual basis. It is the intention of SNACS to utilize positive reinforcement and other behavioral interventions to teach students appropriate social skill and academic behaviors. It is of the utmost importance that the teachers, administrators and parents work together as a team in discipline matters. Without order, safety and a sense of security and civility, schools cannot work and learning will not occur. However, school discipline is not about rules, regulations, regimentation, policies or punishment. Healthy and productive student behavior is a by-product of the beliefs and values of the organization. The roots of positive discipline lie in the way adults and students think about themselves and others and the way they treat each other everyday. It is the culture that drives the discipline. SNACS is fully committed to implementing the positive discipline policy.


School Rules

  • Keep self to self
  • Follow instructions
  • Show respect for others and property
  • Be safe


  • Volunteer Imae Volunteer Needs:

We are seeking lumber and building materials for a new playhouse for the primary students.  Please call if have any resources or connections.

Child Donation Image Donations Needed:

We are in need of gently used / new items for our STUDENT STORE. Items can include toys, games, school supplies, puzzles, stuffed animals, and store-bought food. Donations are considered tax deductible.  Than you to the Burke family to your recent donations!!

Assessment Image Assessment Information (for all grades):

STAR / Renaissance testing will conclude for all students, in all grades, this winter time before winter break

MAP / NWEA Testing for the Winter 2017 will begin the week of December 4th.

Cartoon Writing Process Image Writing: Garfield Writing Image

Writing is so important! It is a higher level skill that ALL students must be doing daily. Encourage your child to write! 🙂

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