Ms. Estes

Mount Vernon- home of George Washington- 2019 Trip

2020 8th grade Washington DC trip!

Our tentative trip dates are 3/23/20 – 3/27/20

Trip #175340 sign up at

Class Files:

Digits Realize Trouble Shooting

Air Races Permission Slip 2018

Published Book Letter to parents – 1st

Digits Scavenger Hunt For Parents

Welcome Letter 2018-2019

MS 3 Teacher Supply Letter 2018-2019


Upcoming Events: 

May 27th: No School Memorial Day

May 31st: 100% of AR Goal/Last day of the grading period

May 31st: Middle School Field Day at the Park

June 3rd: Spring Fling 5:30-8:00 pm at Stead Site

June 5th: Middle School SNACS Day Fundraiser

June 6th: 8th grade Graduation 5:30 pm

June 6th and 7th: Early Dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences @ 11:15

June 7th: Last day of School/School Dance


The following students have made at least 75% of their A.R. Goal with 85% comprehension or higher in Mrs. Kirkwood’s Homeroom, 7A:

Emma A., Gabriel A., Taylor B., Austin G., Kaleb J., Tegan M., Camren M., Hayli P., Leighana P., Andre P., Seth P., Mia S., Kadence W.

Contact Mrs. Kirkwood, view your child’s virtual portfolio (including more pictures and videos) and access student behavior on ClassDojo!

This Month’s Highlights

7A Math

This month we will be learning about equations.

7B Math

This month we will be learning about probability.

8th Grade Math

This month we will be learning about surface area and volume.

Financial Literacy

This month we will be learning about future careers and what it takes to join them.

Digital Work Day Assignments Below

Digital Work Day: 12/5

In accordance to Washoe County, students must complete the assigned work below to receive credit for this Digital Work Day. If they do not complete the following assignment(s) they will be marked absent for today and will still have to make up this missing assignment. For more information please see the Washoe County School website:

My office hours today will be from about 12:30-3:00 if students or parents have any questions about today’s assignment(s) please feel free to message me during that time on ClassDojo or through email at

Digital School Day Work for 7A:

Math- Please visit and complete, “Lesson i15-2: Recognizing Proportional Relationships”. I have assigned the full lesson as well as an 11 question assignment. The 11 question assignment is the part that will be counted toward the digital school day. The lesson is to provide assistance if needed. This assignment is on the same concept we learned in class yesterday, recognizing proportional relationships. Remember that if you divide the numbers to find a unit rate and they are all the same, then it is a proportional relationship. 

A.R.- Please read an A.R. book for at least 30 mins. today. Record the pages you read, book title, a one sentence summary, and parent signature to turn in for credit. 

Please also make sure that your: Published book (due 12/12), Entrepreneur Project (due 12/10), and A.R. Goal (due 12/14) are completed or almost done. 

Digital School Day Work for 7B:

Math- Please visit and complete, “Digital Day: Topic 4 Review for Quiz”. This is an 18 question review assignment which will be similar to your quiz on Friday and a MUST DO for credit for today. 

Please also make sure that your Entrepreneur Project (due 12/7) is completed or almost done. 

Digital School Day Work for 8th:

Math- Please visit and complete, “Digital Day 1: Mixed Review 5-1” and “Digital Day 2: Mixed Review 5-2”. These are two 5 question review assignments for Topic 5 and a MUST DO for credit for today. 

Please also make sure that your Entrepreneur Project (due 12/6) is completed or almost done. 



Important Websites:

Literature and Science

Math Digits-

Home Connect – check A.R. goals

Look up what books are A.R. and their level-

Take practice A.R. tests to see if you comprehend-

Infinite Campus Parent Portal-

Order books-

  • Mrs. Kirkwood’s Code: MCPL6

Check your child’s behavior instantly, communicate with your teacher, and view your child’s digital portfolio-

Engineering Website-

Create 3-D Images-

About Me:

My name is Mrs. Kirkwood and I will be your son/daughter’s math teacher. I am looking forward to a very successful year and I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will do all that I can to help them achieve those expectations.​

First off I would like to introduce myself a little. I have been working at SNACS for 9 years. I received my BA and MS in elementary education, from the University of Nevada, Reno and am highly qualified to teach middle school mathematics, science, and social studies. I will also be working this year to create STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lessons and units this year to enhance the students’ education in mathematics.

Overall, I am very excited to teach math to your child this year. I know we will have a great time learning from one another.

Rules and Guidelines:

Rules and Guidelines

My personal rules for the classroom are simple. I expect all my students to be RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE to themselves, their peers, all SNACS staff, people’s property, and their homework. I also expect all students to TRY! Try to do their best work and show me their potential. Overall if we can adhere to those class rules and the rules in the student handbook then we will have a wonderful year.

​All rules and regulations are spelled out in our handbook. A copy of the handbook can be found online at I follow and enforce the school’s policies including dress code and behavior.


As per our handbook, no personal devices are to be used unless under the supervision of the classroom teacher. For any technology which is brought, I will collect it and pass it back at the end of the day. In our classrooms we have established a one-to-one Chromebook program this year. We believe that making technology available enables students and teachers to implement transformative uses of technology and enhances student engagement with the content and curriculum. Please read and sign the “SNACS Chromebook Contract” for rules and expectations on the use of the Chromebooks.



Chromebooks: We will use Chromebooks everyday in and outside of class to work on our math curriculum, Pearson Digits. We will also use the Chromebooks to access and submit assignments through Google Classroom and Google Drive. This will require each student to create a Gmail account to access their Chromebook. Chromebooks must be brought to school everyday fully charged. Please see the “SNACS Chromebook Contract” for more information.

Math Binder: to keep notes, vocabulary, and more in one organized location. The math binder will be worth a large percentage of their classwork/ participation grade.

Centers: Every week we will have centers, a time during class for students to pick an activity from a predetermined list of activities which will help them practice current content and review standards.​ Students are expected to make an educated choice, work collaboratively with their peers, stay on task, and complete the “must-do” activities each week. The participation and completion of weekly centers will be graded.

All classwork which is not completed and turned in during class is expected to be brought home, finished, and turned in the following class day.


Grades will be updated in Infinite Campus weekly. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their work on Infinite Campus. Once a week we will have a study hall period where students will be allowed time to check their grades on Infinite Campus, record them in their math binder, work on missing or late work, and make and keep track of personal goals. Parents and students are responsible to know their Infinite Campus log-in.

If you have any questions about Infinite Campus, please see Ms. Katrin in the front office for assistance.

If you have any questions about your child’s grades, please contact me so I can find a solution asap.

School and Chromebook Lease Fee:

School fees allow us to provide the best we can for each student. These fees should be paid for in full by winter break. If your fees are not paid by winter break your Infinite Campus account will be locked and your child’s grades will be withheld. This year there is a separate $55 Chromebook lease fee for middle school students (6th-8th). Please visit the front office to arrange a payment schedule if needed.

School fee includes payment for:​

– Pearson Curriculum (i.e. textbooks, workbooks, and online access)​

– Technology Fee associated with the Chromebooks

– Testing services (Renaissance, A.R., and MAPS)​

– Student Agenda​

* Please see fee letter for a more detailed account of school fees

Policies and Homework:


All rules and regulations are spelled out in our handbook. A copy of the handbook can be found online at I follow and enforce the school’s dress code and behavior policies. Throughout the Middle School, students will be held accountable for turning in their homework. Our homework policy is based on whether or not they complete and turn in their homework on time. Students turning in late work will receive academic penalties via lower grades as follows:

100% – on time

70% – one day late

50% – two days late

0% – three or more days late

If your child has missed class due to an excused absence, homework will be posted on the Pearson math curriculum website, as well as in the classroom, in your child’s agenda, and on ClassDojo every Monday. For the amount of days that your child was absent they receive those days to make up the missing assignments. For example, if they were sick for a two days, they get two days to make up the work.

Math Homework

(the teacher holds the right to change schedule at any time)​

Homework will be assigned daily.

Each week’s homework will be due the following school day. ​

If a student should need an extension to provide extra time to complete an online homework assignment, I ask that communication from the student and the parent be provided. I understand that life gets busy and sometimes technology does not cooperate however our curriculum moves quickly through important content. It is easy for the work to “snowball” up on a student and become overwhelming. Math is a special topic which relies on previous knowledge to build new ideas. If a student practices everyday, the next lesson will be easier to grasp.

Vocabulary for each unit will be recorded in their math notebooks and graded every 2 to 3 weeks.


In order to provide personalized learning to your child, assessments will be given in predetermined increments to School wide testing includes STAR-six times a year, AR- about once a week, MAP- three times a year, and SBAC state testing- once a year.

On top of summative assessments, students will take tests and quizzes on each math topic and unit as follows:

  • Topic quizzes vary with each topic. Most will occur every 1-2 weeks. This will consist of a 10 question online quiz to assess their understanding of each topic.
  • Unit tests vary with each topic. Most will occur every 1-2 months. This will consist of a 20-25 question online test to evaluate their retention of each unit.
  • The lowest topic quiz score from each unit will be dropped.
  • Students can retake unit tests, but not topic quizzes.
  • Both quizzes and tests will automatically assign “study guides” or intervention lessons for standards the student did not pass. These “study guides” must be completed, if assigned, and time will be provided in class to complete.

ClassDojoImage result for classdojo

This year I am using ClassDojo to encourage important skills, like working hard and participating as well as easily communicate with SNACS families through messaging and announcements. It’s the easiest way for you to see how your child is doing at school and the fastest way to get in touch with me. Students will also be rewarded and graded on good behavior and participation through ClassDojo by receiving a behavior percentage each week and a bonus in their Classroom Economy money.  Learn more about ClassDojo at Image result for classdojo and

ClassDojo also has great features which will help you keep track of your child’s academics and activities in the classroom. Check out your child’s person “story” or digital portfolio daily! You can also view videos and pictures that the student’s and teacher post! I’d like all families to join me and sign up for ClassDojo! You can use it on any device: it is a simple and free mobile app for iOS and Android, and can also be used from a computer at

Classroom Economy

This year SNACS will implement a classroom economy system during this school year. It’s an excellent tool for teaching financial responsibility and many other things, and I think the students will enjoy it.

Using classroom “currency,” students earn money for jobs and pay rent for their desks. They can earn bonus cash by participating in extracurricular activities, helping others, and earning excellent grades. On the other hand, students who don’t meet classroom expectations will be fined some of their classroom dollars. That could happen, for example, if they don’t complete assignments or don’t listen when other students are speaking.

The classroom economy helps students learn valuable life skills such as organization, the value of saving, and delayed gratification. Rather than being told about the importance of these skills, they actually experience them. In addition, the system fits in well with all our curriculum.

We’ll also have a little fun with it. After paying rent, students can save money to spend at monthly auctions where they get to bid on popular items. The students will certainly enjoy themselves, and I know you will appreciate the skills and knowledge they learn along the way.

Our system is based on the “My Classroom Economy” program developed as a volunteer project by employees of Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment management companies, in partnership with Rafe Esquith, an award-winning fifth-grade teacher who is the author of There Are No Shortcuts and Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire.

So don’t be surprised if your student comes home one day with questions about paying rent or regrets about overbidding for an auction item. You might find it a great opportunity to have a thoughtful discussion about financial responsibility. If you have any questions about the classroom economy, please feel free to contact me.


A newsletter will be posted on the class website bi-weekly. The newsletter will include reminders, important dates, topics we will be covering and classroom needs. If you would like a hard copy please let me know.


Students are expected to fill out their agenda each and every day. As a class, we will write our homework for the week each Monday. Students are responsible to make updates and notes in their agendas daily in regards to reminders, upcoming events, as well as homework. Their agenda should be coming home daily to record their 30 minutes of reading homework and as a communication tool. They should write down the book title and page numbers read each night. Please make sure you are checking and signing every night as this will also be graded weekly. See the below point spread:

Daily Agenda Check:

Total 30 pts/day

5 pts. – Bringing agenda to school

5 pts. – Writing down homework assignments – even if no homework

5 pts. – Writing down the title of AR book along with page numbers read

10 pts. – Parent signature

5 pts. – Bringing AR book to school


One of my most important goals this year is to keep the lines of communication open with you. I am available every day to talk with you between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and between 3:15 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. or through ClassDojo

math horror


Sincerely, Mrs. Kirkwood

(775) 507-4732 ext. 6