Mrs. Weiss

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Mrs. Weiss 6th, 7th, & 8th Science Distance Learning 

6th, 7th, & 8th Science Hybrid Classes



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Distance Learning and Hybrid Students’ Access to Goggle 

Classroom Codes for Weekly Assignments in Science

  1. Go to  

  2. Click on the + sign in the top right area of the screen

  3. Select “Join Class”

  4. Type in the code for your grade level

  5. 6th Grade:  Class Code a3nho3c

  6.  7th Grade:  Class Code wf6rsv4

  7. 8th Grade:  Class Code 3wxlcm2

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6A Hybrid Students–Week A Monday 8:30 am            Week B Thursday 8:30 am

6B Hybrid Students–Week A Thursday 8:30 am           Week B Monday 8:30

6th Distance Students–Week A Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 am            Week B Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 am

7A Hybrid Students–Week A Monday 12:30 & Friday 8:30 am               Week B Monday 12:30 pm & Friday 8:30 am

7B Hybrid Students–Week A no class             Week B Monday 12:30 pm & Friday 8:30 am

7th Distance Students–Week A Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 am             Week B Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 am

8A Hybrid Students–Week A Wednesday 12:30 pm            Week B Tuesday 12:30 pm

8B Hybrid Students–Week A Tuesday 8:30 am            Week B Wednesday 12:30 pm

8th Distance Students–Week A Monday & Wednesday 11:00 am            Week B Monday & Wednesday 11:00 am

Email:  or

Class Dojo Code:  CF2WDG8 

Cell Phone:     775 230-1603                                    

Hello and a warm welcome to another wonderful year of academic and social

growth at Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School.  I am Maxine Weiss and I have been teaching

for 29 years, 22 of those years at SNACS.  I will be instructing 6th, 7th, & 8th  Grade Hybrid

Science plus 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Distance Learning Science.  I have a Bachelor of Science in

Education and a Science Education Master, both from the University of Nevada, Reno.  I am a

volunteer advanced level Ski Instructor at Sky Tavern Jr Ski Program, a bicyclist, hiker, bird

watcher, novice geologist & botanist, and I love gardening and fishing!  My most favorite subject

to teach is Environmental Science.