Ms. Lily’s Elementary Music Adventures


“Art is a place for children to learn to
trust their ideas, themselves, and to
explore what is possible.”-Maryannn Kohl


SNACS students will use standards based curriculum to discover
the world through a global perspective in examples of music, dance, theater and visual art. Through singing, dancing, acting, instrument making, field trips, experiencing performances from artists students will be able to fully grasp the contribution the arts give society and use that knowledge to contribute on their own to change the world.


Students have begun their journey  exploring  the cultures of  the North American Indigenous peoples. We watched video clips of the Kennedy Center Tribute to Indigenous Culture. We learned dance steps used and learned about the significance of the Eagle Dance and the regalia worn by the dancers. Dancing along to these videos gave us the ability to understand these contributions through responding and connecting.

(Click on the photo to see the video)

Students listened, clapped and sang along to a song honoring Native Women called “O’Hal’lwe”

(Click picture to hear the song)

After Exploring Native American Cultures our first class we got in our planes and went north the explore Scandinavian Natives called Sami people. We looked on the globe at the countries that are Scandinavian and  about characteristics of this place like Aurora Borealis, reindeer , and Joiking which is their native singing tradition.

(Click to hear a Sami Joik)

After listening and dancing along to the music we read “Akandini Daughter of the Sun” And students were instructed to pantomime or “act out” as I told the story. After acting we sat down to draw a part from the story.

(Here are some beautiful drawings from the story from Ms. Cramptons class)

Our discoveries then lead us to Australia where we listened to the didgeridoo and talked about circular breathing and listened to two different versions of it being played alone and with an orchestra.

(Click the pictures to see the didgeridoo videos we watched)


Music & Theater standards being met during these units

MU (music) TH (Theater) CN- Connecting, PR-Performing, Re-Responding, CN-Connecting 

K-MU:CN11.k.1, MU:RE8.k.2, MU:PR4.k.4, MU.CR1.k.1, MUCR1.k.2 TH:CR.11.k.3, TH:CN11.k.1, TH:RE9.k.1, TH:PR5.k.2, TH:PR5.k.1, TH:PR4.k.2, TH:PR4.k.1, TH, TH:CR3.k.1, TH:CR2.k.2, TH:CR2.k.1

1st- MU:CN11.1.1, MU:PR4.1.1, MU:CR3.1.1, MU:CR1.1.1, TH:CN11.1.3, TH:CN10.1.1, TH:RE9.1.1, TH:PR6.1.1, TH:PR6.1.1, TH:PR4.1.1, TH:PR4.1.2, TH:CR3.1.1, TH:CR2.1.3, Th:CR1.1.2

2nd-TH:CN10.2.1, TH:CN11.2.1, TH:CR11.2.3, TH:RE9.2.1, ,TH:PR6.2.1, TH:PR5.2.1, TH:PR4.2.1, TH:CR3.2.1, TH:Cr3.2.2


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