Welcome to Middle school 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Physical Education, Health, and Special Education.

Welcome to Middle school 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Physical Education, Health, and Special Education.

My Small School Story

Here is my educational background and why I went into education and why I came to SNACS.
Hi, my name is Ms. Perrigue! I have loved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health my entire life. As a young girl I competed in cheer and dance and learned what it meant to be fit. I studied at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Recreation and Physical Education degree program and danced with the dance/cheer squad from 1994-1998. I won runner-up in the Miss Fitness Las Vegas Classic in 1999.
From 1994-2008 I had been a certified personal fitness trainer for 14 years with education from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise. I was a trained Pilates instructor with training from the Pilates Coach. I taught Spinning through Johnny G. Spinning, Bootcamp, Yoga and meditation, and core functional training was my specialty.
In 2008 I went back to UNR to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and graduated in 2012 when I was placed in my first teaching position at Hug high school teaching Health and Physical Education. During this time, I went through 72 hours of Crisis training for domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, at the Crisis Call Center of Reno, Nevada and volunteered over 200 hours of verbal de-escalation on the crisis lines speaking with individuals suffering from suicidal ideation in our community.
I continued to see the connection between our mind, body and spirit balance for a holistic approach to happiness and achievement. From 2012-2014 I taught full time at Hug and continued my education by earning a Master of Arts degree in Special Education from UNR and graduated in 2014.
While teaching at Hug I focused on 9th graders and was able to be trained in Social & Emotional learning curriculum and implement SEL, Yoga, Meditation into my classes. I discovered how this holistic approach to student learning correlates with student achievement and fell in love with that model for education and continued to teach from this philosophy at Hug until 2018.
In 2018 I took a year long sabbatical to deepen my experience with mental and emotional health. I worked all year in two residential treatment center hospitals and was trained to build curriculum to teach and facilitate 17 different therapeutic classes weekly to the patients who were diagnosed with co-occurring anxiety and mood disorders. I was trained in Non-violent de-escalation techniques and completed a Safe Talk suicide prevention training to reduce the risk to patients with suicidal ideation.
I researched, studied, developed, created, taught, and facilitated the following group classes: Anxiety Management, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Relapse Prevention, Addiction, Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Creative Expressions, Skills review, Boundaries, Intuitive Eating, Grief process, and Mindful Movement.
Now in 2019 with 25 years of research, education, studying, teaching, and facilitating group classes in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health education industry, I have been guided to Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School! My objective is to make a positive difference in the lives of our SNACS students and families for optimal achievement and success!


2019-2020 Physical Education, Health, and Special Education Supplies:

Clorox wipes


What’s Happening for 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Graders:

This week’s objectives:

Come to school everyday and make connections and have fun!


This week’s homework:

Get your parents and families involved in school by telling them what you do every day and who you meet.
Make sure you have close toed shoes and athletic gear to do PE class in.


Additional Reminders

AR (Accelerated Reader) – Minimum Read 30 min./night
Learning through Choice
Choice Board Options
Must Do’s
PE & One to one learning
Can Do’s

Family Volunteer Needs
We are always in need of family volunteers to support our classroom. Please consider volunteering or donating in the following ways:
Recess support (extra eyes are always helpful!)
Breakfast and lunch support (extra eyes, helping hands, and class clean-up support are helpful!)
Check in with the front office for which classroom may need your help that day. Thank you!

Middle School Fee – $150 Chromebook Lease Fee – $55

Solicit donations (calling/visiting local business seeking donations that support our class needs/events)


Important Dates:


Monday, August 19 – First day of school for students
Monday, September 2 – Labor Day – No School
Monday, October 7 through Friday, October 11 – Fall Break No School
Friday, October 18 – End of 1st Quarter Progress Reports
Friday, October 25 – Nevada Day – No School
Thursday, October 31 – Halloween
Thursday, November 28 & 29 – Thanksgiving Break No school

Monday, December 23- January 3 – Semester Break No school

 Important Websites


Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School – snacs.org
Online– pearsonsuccessnet.com
Student Treasures Published Books – onlinepublishing.studentreasures.com
Math homework (Digits) – mymathuniverse.com/digits
Infinite Campus – student & parent portal –washoecountyschools.org
Common Core State Standards and parent resources – corestandards.org/what-parents-should-know/
Check AR Goal HomeConnect
AR Books – arbookfind.com
Practice AR quizzes –bookadventure.com