Mission & Vision

SNACS Mission

SNACS leads education innovation through personalized learning via PLAY, choice, and exploration within our small school community.


Our Vision

The SNACS Community acts in ways consistent with the vision and mission of SNACS and developed a series of vision statements to guide our work. We work in ways to:

  • Promote and provide opportunities that support an early childhood/primary (P-3) environment of strong starts for SNACS’ young children.
  • Promote and provide opportunities that support an elementary/intermediate (4-8) environment of strong starts for SNACS’ children.
  • Building human capital – every person has value and contributes at SNACS.
  • Providing access to workforce development through PLAY and exploration via choice.
  • Support family engagement as key to student achievement.
  • Support advocacy and accountability of the professionals that serve our children.
  • Facilitate active & diverse leadership, working beyond board meetings and the traditional school day.
  • Outreach to all members of the school community to be sure all members’ voices are heard and represented.
  • Believe that all children have extraordinary talents, strengths, and can learn.
  • Believe all students can make responsible decisions for their learning.
  • Maximize efforts to support healthy development of all children.
  • Honoring the Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Believe all children need access to quality care and education.
  • Strive to ensure professional and educational supports in place for our workforce to provide children a strong start in education.
  • Promote SNACS standards of excellence.
  • Support community awareness of importance of SNACS and the service to the community.
  • Be a partner to facilitate stakeholder collaboration events influencing policy.
  • Support strong educational organizational structure between the charter school, the sponsor, and the state.
  • Support strong educational organizational structure within the state across agencies/organizations.
  • The SNACS Board of Governance holds core values that guide the principles, which outline the spirit in which they expect all members to conduct work.