Frequently Asked Questions

What are charter schools?


Charter schools are free public schools as defined in federal and state statutes. Nevada adopted charter legislation during the 1997 legislative session. SNACS applied and was approved in 1998, and opened doors in 1999 as the first K-8 charter school in Nevada.


Does it cost money?

No. Charter schools are free public schools, which means it is tuition-free. Anyone can attend for free.


How do I enroll?

Enrollment is easy. There are a few simple forms you complete.

First, we want to meet you and share our school with you. SNACS provides personalized tours for all prospective families. Please contact the front office to schedule a tour at (775) 677-4500 to schedule a tour or contact us through our website at We are working on a virtual tour in response to COVID-19.

Enrollment applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and conduct an annual lottery for openings with a waiting list to fill positions in all classrooms.


What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning when learning is differentiated (based on abilities) and individualized (based on preferences and interests). All SNACS students have a Personalized Learning Plan which is created using data, teacher, parent, and student input. Data is monitored to ensure growth throughout the year. Teachers design instruction based on PLPs and provide learning opportunities based on ability and interests by using choice and PLAY®. Visit our website for more information at

How does PLAY® and choice work?

PLAY® stands for Promoting Learning and Accountability for Young children/Youth. At SNACS students make choices where and when they learn through play. Choice promotes students’ responsibility for education. PLAY® promotes engagement and achievement. More can be found at